Jaclyn Fleming is a Canadian born actress, living in Los Angeles, California.  

She began acting performing musical theatre, touring around Ontario, Canada. From there, she studied with Second City Toronto. She continued from improv into the acting world, studying voice for animation and commercial, and live action. Her hunger and passion for her craft drove her to L.A. to showcase her talents for various agents, managers and producers, where she fell in love with the city and its many smells.

Since moving to L.A., Jaclyn has performed with Second City Hollywood, at Impro Studio Theatre and The Pack Theater.  She can be heard on Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears and can even be seen in several FunnyorDie videos (*waits for shock and awe).

When she's not performing, she spends her free time crying or making jokes, which then lead her to cry, as they don't get a laugh and she's needy.